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Story of Malcom X
Artist: Clayton Anderson
Writer: Clayton Anderson
Completed in 2018

Malcolm X, a civil rights leader of the 1960s, was above many things an extraordinary

communicator. He was employed by the Black Muslims for just that purpose. He was incisive,

eloquent, brutally honest and able to move-the-crowd with his well written and researched

speeches, which were broadcast to a national audience.


In each of the 4 corners of this mural there is an image. These 4 images correspond to 4 words in a

saying spoken here in Berkeley on a regular basis. It begins in the left corner moving clockwise and end-

ing in the bottom corner. Hint: the first word is “Speak.” ...... Another Hint: this is something Malcolm

X made a habit of doing at every opportunity he got.


The next series of images are just inside the circle. These three images represent 3 major elements

of our biosphere: Earth, Wind and Fire! Without any one of these elements, life as we know it would not

be possible. As the song goes:


.....Still we walk, in the path that leads, to the light, shining down

on this great beyond, thoughts ignite us, let love unite us, then

turn your face to the wind, and taste {t}his love within”.....


The final series of images rests just inside the 3 prongs of the fidget spinner.


Inside the left prong is the image of a person studying. One of the reasons we go to school is to

study the ideas that have gone before (the history). The form that encircles the studying person is called

“Sankofa” which basically means ‘respect the past’.

Inside the right prong of the spinner is the Asian symbol of Yin and Yang which simply means the

harmony of differences. Once we have studied the past, we can align those concepts with the present

concepts we deal with today, and which shape us presently.


Inside the bottom prong of the spinner is a star, which in this case represents expression. Once one

has studied what has gone before and harmonized those concepts with present-day experience, then one

can feel qualified to express or speak in their own way, on a subject which can be beneficial to us all.

This is a process Malcolm X went through. He continued to learn and grow throughout his life. This

a process we all must go through, if we are to further our future in this world.

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